Now more than ever, industry-specific medical and healthcare terminology calls for professional, qualified translators with specialist language skills. At Perenchio Translations, our translation agency specialized in medical translation, we take particular care when it comes to medical translations, which are carried out following a thorough review of current regulations both in Italy and within the European Union.

We receive a high volume of standard medical translation requests on a daily basis, typically from private national and international clients, including discharge letters, medical records, outpatient files, case histories, clinical trials, research trials, OTC products, dietary supplement descriptions and medicinal product package inserts.

Additional medical translation requests fall under 3 main categories:
  • Medical translations for physicians or healthcare and social care professionals: translating scientific articles, research study findings, scientific research for publication in medical or healthcare journals and documents for medical conventions and conferences.
  • Technical translations commissioned by medical device manufacturers seeking to expand their business in international markets. This category also includes translating medical diagnostic device and equipment instructions for use, medical and therapeutic treatment device instructions for use and other use and maintenance instructions.
  • Medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical translation requests from pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare institutions, clinics and pharmacies. This category also includes translations for the dentistry and pharmaceutical industries as well as translating promotional materials for the healthcare sector and translating websites and leaflets for health centers, hospitals and clinics.
Whatever the specialist sector, get in touch today for a quote for your medical translation!

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