Interpretation is an art form like no other. It requires skilled professionals capable of conveying a message the right way. More recently, following prominent global pandemic events, forms of online interpreting have taken off, demonstrating how effective this method is as well.

Whether it’s an event or a negotiation, whether it’s legal or medical, as an agency with extensive linguistics experience, Perenchio Translations can offer advice and interpretation throughout Canavese, Piedmont, Italy and beyond. Whatever your interpreting needs, we guide our clients to choose the type of interpretation that suits them best, whether it’s consecutive, simultaneous, online or whispered.


In simultaneous interpretation, dialog is translated while the speaker is speaking. In this type of interpretation, the interpreter works from a soundproof booth that allows them to see the speaker and is equipped with a console and headset that transmits what the speaker is saying while the interpreter broadcasts their interpretation to everyone on the other end of the headset’s microphone.


Consecutive interpretation is when the dialog is relayed once the speaker is finished speaking, or at intervals. While they speak, the interpreter takes notes on everything that is said, summarizing the discourse and translating it into the target language. What’s key is how the interpreter annotates the speech. This is not a literal translation, but an outline that allows the interpreter to then reproduce the meaning of the discourse unchanged. While this method naturally means an event takes longer, Perenchio Translations interpreters are prepped on the speech in advance and have even provided interpretations in which the interpreter’s message was presented far more clearly than the speaker’s.

This is why it’s vital to get the support of a translation agency like Perenchio Translations, who collaborate with the best local interpreters to offer a high-quality service the commissioner is proud of.


Whispered interpretation, or chuchotage (from the French, “chuchoter”), is a variant of simultaneous translation where the interpreter is positioned beside the listener and provides a translation in a low voice, without drawing attention. This mode of interpretation can only be used by a small group of people (typically two or three).

Due to the impact of COVID-19, and following our interpreters’ excellent recommendation, we have been providing mixed chuchotage-simultaneous translations using a tool called "bidule"since 2020: interpreters and speakers are connected through a radio transmitter with headphones and microphones, so as the speaker speaks, the interpreter takes notes and relays the speech to the audience through a microphone connected to the room’s audio, while any questions for the speaker are “whispered” through the bidule system to the speaker.

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