Law firms, patent offices, European attorneys and companies, and even individuals, all turn to Perenchio Translations as their translation agency specialized in legal translation for all types of legal documents, from contracts, acts and rulings to patents, trademarks and other intellectual property-related documents.


Legal translation requires knowledge of both the source and target Countries’ judicial systems as well as the use of specialist terminology. In our Ivrea-based translation agency, we screen and select exclusively native translators with experience in legal translation, a knowledge of legal terminology and the ability to legally evaluate the validity of the final document.

With our language consultations, you can streamline the paperwork, avoiding costly holdups and allowing your business to progress without any setbacks so you can focus on activities that add value.


Patent and IP (Intellectual Property) translation is vital in order to register your rights in your target Country. Thanks to how proficiently Perenchio Translations handles the translation process, firms specialized in intellectual property collaborate with our translation agency for patent translations and more. After selecting specialist native translators and other patent experts, such as food, automotive, chemical, construction, electronics, pharmaceutical, IT, medical, textile and mechanical industry experts, we ensure that:

  • the translated text is faithful to the original, checking concepts, numbers and acronyms and avoiding any form of omission
  • Patent industry terminology is used and is consistent throughout the text, making use of external technical consultants
  • the title, descriptions, claims and drawings are complete and coherent

These checks are carried out by a second translator or proofreader who reviews the texts as well as checking everything once again in-house, guaranteeing that the delivered translation is flawless.

We benefit from a partnership with another translation agency for large volume translation projects, enabling us to translate up to 100,000 words per day through highly qualified native translators.

In addition, in 2020 we added a translation registration service at the patent office through a partner Firm.


At Perenchio Translations, we complement this field of translation by overseeing the entire sworn translation and legalization process (see dedicated page).

You can count on us with your legal documents!