As well as translation services, Perenchio Translations offers high-level information technology services. These services have been developed after many clients, over the years, asked us – in addition to providing translation services – to offer various, specialised IT services.


Web application and software development on any platform and in any language including, but not limited to, Java, c#, VB, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and SQL. Whatever your needs, we have the IT specialists available. Our development process involves analysing the project, producing a design from the requirements and resources, estimating times and costs before moving to the development, testing and implementation of the code itself, finishing with a follow-up and, naturally, 24/7 support.


Designing a website demands experience, attention to detail and creativity. Whether it is a website presenting your company or a complex architecture with front-office and back-office systems for online sales, we have the resources, ability and experience to create and support any website you might need.


In addition to linguistic testing services, we offer functional and operational testing services across various mobile and non-mobile devices, using pre-defined test lists, error reports and bug tracking platforms.